Jan Swiatkowski

Karviná, Czech Republic
2000 / 11 / 30

Everybody is doing mistakes. It just depends on their weight. - FullStack Developer





I have been started with WordPress websites and because the Wordpress didn't suit me, I started to explore another way of building websites 2 years ago. At first I tried to learn Vue JS with support of my awesome friend. Later, we organized a few public workshops with this topic in Skills fighters, s.r.o offices. There I found as programmer the most important people in my life , who gave me the first feeling of good working comunity and many experiences. There I also learnt ELM, which gave me the basics in functional programming. In Skills fighters I got the opportunity to work on my first larger project in React/Redux, where I learnt how to work with them. Later on I got the possibility to work at IT4I, where I got my own project, where I do both, front-end and back-end.